Monday, June 25, 2012

Crash Course - License Acquired

This is the conclusion to my adventure through the hazerdous land of driver's education. To be honest about the entire situation it really wasn't that horrible. It was easy. Easy is good, usually. My perception of education was dropped a few more levels once I finally left that building. In the end though I knew I would never forget how amusing of an experience the entire ordeal would leave with me. That's the sole reason behind why I made this comic -- The memories were still so fresh in my mind.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed viewing my portrayal of the hell I had to endure.
There was an incident after this where the DMV wouldn't give me my license because they said the paperwork was wrong. After taking it back to the school though the owner said the state had changed the forms and that whoever was looking over my paperwork at the DMV was either stupid or didn't realize it had been changed. I had to go to three DMVs before I was able to obtain my license because of that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crash Course - Test Time

After all of the time I spent in that class, including listening to a man who couldn't read properly and managed to go off topic faster than a five year old with a sugar high and ADD, it was quite easy to remember everything from the books to take quizzes and by the end, the test. Some people on the other hand...
I seriously couldn't gather my head around how he wasn't able to remember or answer some of these questions. It was multiple choice and most of the questions were basic logic with the answers blaring out of the page like a firework in a dark cave. I believe he passed in the end anyway since you only needed 70% if I'm not mistaken.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Crash Course - Saint

Nearing the end of my education at the driving school one of the previous class's students was brought back to the our lovely prison because the DMV said he hadn't acquired enough classroom hours to qualify for his license.
If what he stated was true about the classes being even worse I can't even fathom the sheer stupidity that filled that room before I had to endure its mental abuse. Luckily for him he only had to be there for two classes more and they were better than our previous ones where Mr. Kent discussed random subjects.