Friday, October 28, 2011


Ah yes, onions, everyone's favorite thing to slice. Its their safe guard against critters or people wanting to eat them for their delicious accent with various dishes. While working at the shop I had to slice onions quite frequently, so often in fact that I think I built up an even stronger immunity to their tear inducing fumes.
There was a strange sense of mischievous delight I acquired from causing misery to customers and my coworkers. I wasn't very bothered by the onions for the most part, excluding a few bags that were so bad that people would actually walk in, grab their eyes in pain, and then dash out of the store like the world was about to end. The fact that our kitchen fan rarely ever worked to extract some of the smoke and fumes wasn't exactly helpful.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There was this one guy who worked at the sub shop who was likeable enough, but he was a bit obnoxious. In a business like this his attitude was actually something that was desireable -- high energy, to the point of probably needing some meds, very socialable, to the point where he didn't quiet down, and very personable, which are all very good traits for dealing with the general public. My only issue I had with him is that he came across as a dolt. I could be wrong, but that's the vibe he let off when I had to work with him. Other than that he did his job as well as the rest of us, aside from not cleaning(Why was it only myself, Frank, and the girls who cleaned I will never understand). One of the girls I worked with on a regular basis though told me about how she hated working at the register with him around. This is why.
Like I said, his attitude was very good for the job, but in this case it was a bit invasive for whoever else was working at the register. I guess you just became the mute who wrote down the orders while he was busy talking.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Money

I'm not sure if having somebody accidentally throw their wallet at you is the same as being hit on. The man was actually one of the better customers I had to deal with. When he politely asked me to wait a second while he asked his dad what kind of sandwich he wanted over the phone I couldn't help but snicker a bit at how it sounded so similar to when I try asking my dad something over the phone. What made it funnier yet is that this guy looked like he was at least in his late 30's or older and his dad was evidently still treating him like he was a teenager. I guess that's what most parents end up doing later in life.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Pizza

If you go to order a pizza from a restaurant you're going to tell the place exactly what kind of toppings you want on the delicious circle, and after you're finished stating your favorite delights to be put on it the person taking the order will generally repeat the order back to you to make sure everything is correct. This is normal, right? So why do some people do things like this?
I was standing right there, listened to his order, watched as she repeated the order and asked him if that was exactly what he wanted, and he agreed to all of it saying that's exactly how he wanted it to be. So why on earth did he come back and then expect there to be pepperoni on it? He might as well have gone and bought a supreme topping frozen pizza. I'm going to give him the benefit of a doubt and say he probably thought he said he wanted pepperoni on it. This was a Sunday and this guy evidently had just gotten out of church(I didn't draw him how he looked since that suit was kinda wild), so he was probably hungry and not thinking perfectly straight -- it happens. In the end we made him another one with the pepperoni and everything else he wanted just to make up for the mistake, if we can call it that.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


This comic is pretty self explanatory.
I didn't witness most of his antics for the most part, yet he was loud enough that I was able to hear his ranting and raving through the thick bathroom door at the other end of the store. How his logic could be that crippled to the point where he didn't realize a locked bathroom door meant somebody was in there is beyond my comprehension. I've never been high so maybe there's something I'm missing to understanding his awkward behaviour. Soon after he left we called the other store and asked if they had taken an order for a pizza. Turns out that they didn't. So yeah, he was just being an idiot trying to get free food out of the place. I wonder if other restaurants in that area had the same type of people coming in pulling these sort of antics. I somehow doubt it considering how special this place is.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Face

Awww, poor book. Don't fret! Romance novel Betty is pretty dumb and might like you.