Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ecco Dur Dorphin

I remember back when I first played Ecco the Dolphin. It was at a friend's house. His mom rented it to play it, but we decided to try it as well. Never has a game been so frustrating to play because of the awkward controls and gameplay surroundings being so confusing. It was a gorgeous game though and the music was strangely hypnotic, which was probably done that way intentionally to captivate you, immersing your mind into Ecco's world.

Anyway, the game's difficulty was beyond infuriating at times, and after looking back at how weird the game was I made a comic showing how stupid I felt Ecco always acted. For those of you who never played this game the first comic won't make a lot of sense. I didn't plan on making this into a full comic series at first so I didn't explain that at the beginning of the story Ecco is dared by one of his pod mates to jump as high as he can out of the water. Once Ecco has done this a waterspout sucks up all his friends and any of the surrounding life that happen to be in the area. After that, Ecco goes off in search of how to get them back. The story involved paradoxes from going back in time, aliens that harvest sea creatures, and swimming inside giant spaceships -- Enjoy.

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