Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crash Course - Intro

Throughout my life I've had to deal with a fair amount of stupid things. Haven't we all. For myself, one of those stupid things was learning to drive. To be honest, learning how to drive was not the stupid part. No, of course not. Learning how drive where I live and taking the course to earn my license on the other hand was a nightmare - a funny nightmare, but a nightmare none the less.

The memories of being required to endure these trials of my patience were still so fresh, even after all these years, that I put it upon myself to write a short comic series describing the amusing, yet idiotic, atmosphere I had to spend many days asking myself when it would end. So without further explanation, here is the start of Crash Course.
The best way I can describe how I felt entering this school and meeting this fascinating variety of individuals is that it was as if I had been dropped into The Breakfast Club. The only difference is that it wasn't morning, it wasn't a pleasant looking library, and it wasn't a movie that could be stopped.

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  1. guess i should be happy i did not need to go to driving school