Monday, April 23, 2012

Crash Course - Patience

When I go out driving I try to use common sense and utilize the basic rules of driving etiquette. You know, because that's why they invented driving rules in the first place even if we don't always follow them. There have been cases though where I can only try to understand why people become completely irrational in their way of thought when they step behind the wheel, to the point where their impatience makes them seem completely ignorant.

I could maybe understand her frustration considering the opening to the shopping center was only the size of one car, which really makes no sense since it appeared to be built during the 70's when cars were the size of today's trucks, but there was no need for her constant honking and screaming. What did she think our turn signal meant we intended to do? Turn right? Her vehicle was so large we couldn't have turned right if we desired to do so.

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