Monday, May 14, 2012

Crash Course - U-Turning

When I think back to when I acquired a driver's permit and was required to drive a certain amount of hours I somehow assume other people my age learned to drive on better vehicles. My mom's car at the time was a 1998(I think?)Plymouth Voyager. That car was a step up from the 80's Ford station wagon we travelled so many years in, facing backwards most of the time for myself. That's not saying much though when you consider it drove like a slug on a salt bed in the middle of summer. But, BUT, it had power steering. Where am I going with this? Well, dad mostly taught me how to drive, and most of the cars he drove didn't have power steering in them at all. Or if they did have power steering is was very limited.
So because of dad's cars posessing a congenital, abnormal alignment, or at least something of that nature, I had this assumption that most cars handled in the same manner. No, they don't handle that way. I've since learned to drive a regular vehicle.

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  1. Have you driven vehicles that never had power steering installed?