Monday, November 7, 2011

Awkward Names

While working at the sub shop we were already understaffed and while I was there two more people ended up being fired, so by then we desperately needed extra employees. That meant it was time to put up the help wanted sign.
Now don't get me wrong, actually putting up a sign saying you're hiring is a great idea to find new workers, but around this place we had bums, druggies, and crazy people come in on a frequent basis. If you've been reading along with these comics you've probably already assumed that the area was full of these sorta folk to begin with. They rushed into the store nagging the hell out of Frank, who could only tell them to write their name, number, available hours, and perhaps any skills relating to the job on an order slip. Yes, an order slip. Why an order slip? Because the owner didn't seem to feel that THIS store needed printed out applications like the store he ran already had. There were so many scattered order slips littering the desk in the back and a large portion of them had really bizarre names that were sometimes impossible for us to even pronounce.

For those wondering, Waka Flocka was Frank's term for stupid, annoying, or aggravating people.

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