Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Those of you who have been following along should remember the autism junk food woman and how I declared that her sort of pushy tactics aggravate me to no end. I also mentioned someone who was almost worse because he was trying to sell me something in a very seducing, salesman manner, as if I were being told to buy a car or some expensive piece of jewlery I didn't need. This is how I remember it.
His skill was actually very high, so high in fact that at first when he came in to get a drink I thought he was actually being genuinely nice by starting a conversation with me. When he came in again and I realized he was holding a clipboard with him the inevitable became obvious. For starters, he was trying to talk to me at the counter after ordering something while there were other customers behind him. When I work, I like to work and work well, but this man was making this simple task a hassle. He started talking to Frank once Frank walked near the counter, which in turn let me take care of the other customers. Again though, I was forced to listen to his sales pitch of "free" which included "paying" which is oxymoronic. I actually walked off while he was talking once I was done wrapping the customer's sandwich -- that's why he said I ignored him. Even if I wanted a maintenance shop to go to for such things(things I already do on my own) the fact I had to drive thirteen miles each way would defeat the purpose of driving to another city every time I needed some simple maintenance done.

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  1. This is SO much like the job I had at a sub shop...

    Nice comic, keep up the awesomeness!