Saturday, November 12, 2011

Final Straw

This will more than likely be the final comic for talking about when I worked for the sub shop. One of the first things I experienced while working there was split shifts. They were the most moronic shifts I had ever had to work at any job before. What made me the angriest was the fact that I asked them not to put me on so many split shifts. I wouldn't have minded maybe working one or two a month, permitting the hours were proper enough to pay for the hassle, but no, I was given multiple ones in the same week even though almost every employee that worked there lived within five minutes of the store. As for me, I had to drive thirteen miles each way to get there, yet I was the one given every split shift.

I honestly would have loved it if they gave me double shifts instead. They never gave me those because I guess only managers were given that kinda shift. The last split shift I was given they wanted me to come in and work for two hours. Yes, two hours. Then they wanted me to come back three hours later to work the second shift. Coming in to work for TWO HOURS is RETARDED, I'm sorry. I asked other people for their opinion on the schedule and most of them said "Is the owner and scheduling manager braindead?" I told the manager I wouldn't work that shift, I even wrote on the schedule I wouldn't come in for two hours. At this point I really did not care if they fired me. Amazingly I was told I was fired when I came in for the second shift. Did I care? Why would I care? Working in a place that had faulty equipment, poor working conditions, understaffed all the time, certain employees who didn't work, almost always out of supplies, and then had to deal with ignorant customers on a daily basis for minimum wage I could care so little that if the place went of business I would not even be surprised -- I'd probably sneer in pleasure.

To be positive about this experience though I will say that almost everyone I worked with there, excluding the owner, a couple employees, and pretty much nine out of ten customers, I had a lot of fun talking with them and working along side them in the same business. It was interesting enough to make a series of comics about it so thanks to all those who made it a lot of fun.

With this comic concluded for the most part I do have another one in the making. It'll be about the time I took my driver's education course. That might sound like a boring comic, but believe me, from how I remember it you would have thought I had dropped into a John Hughes movie. So stay tuned for more.

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