Monday, September 19, 2011


I don't believe most people are taught manners anymore, at least not from my experience. Although it could be where I live, since whenever I take trips elsewhere people are more courteous while going about their daily lives. From what I have observed though, most people learned how to behave from either their parents or whoever they happen to be raised by the most. I dealt with a good example of this observation.
So the first thing that goes through my mind when looking at the sandwich is whether or not it wasn't evenly distributed BEFORE or AFTER she took that big ol' bite out of it. Frank mentioned that particular customers would, indeed, buy a sandwich, eat two thirds of it(or more in some cases) only to bring it back stating that there was something wrong with it and they wanted a refund or another sandwich. These were days where Frank obviously could not handle the level of idiocy that breached his mental wall and all form of care he had for the integrity of this shop would vanish. Luckily this rarely happened to that extent and most people were decent enough.

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