Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No, Thank You

If there's one thing that irritates more than anything is invasive sales tactics. I've worked in sales before and they[The Companies]always push employees to make sales in any way possible, be it deception, forcefully telling the customer they need it, and many other twitch inducing methods. There is something that bothers me more than regular invasive sales methods - something with a hidden agenda - something commonly including lies. Donations. Don't get me wrong! Donating is great when it's not pushed onto you, such as a website you really enjoy or a comic page that you enjoy reading(Sorry, I don't have a donation button if you're wondering). No, what I'm talking about are people that forcefully tell you to make a donation for their cause. Allow me to show what happened to me once before.
Perhaps some of you can relate to this. If you live in a semi-ghetto area you can definitely relate to this. Certain people like to use scams to make money, and they tend to use a lot of the same tactics as sales people to acquire it. The first sign I knew this woman was going to be a general pain in the hind end was when she walked in and immediately started throwing bags of what was, obviously, garbage from the dollar store, then instantly demanded to know which one I wanted. Did she think I was a simpleton? I could see what she was up to in her expressions(I drew all her actual expressions as well - they were that intense). The second thing I realized is that she didn't mention any organization she was raising funds for. If you're wanting to gather donations for a cause perhaps you should mention who they're for first, no? I regretfully didn't inquire as to who it was for or for some credentials just to see how she would respond.

Needless to say I wasn't about to fork over any donation for her. Especially not with the amount I was being paid to work at this dump. What gets me is Frank gave her some money, but I think that's because he was busy and not exactly fully focused. I later mentioned my assumptions about her and he admitted that he wasn't thinking clearly at the time. Oh well, at least she wasn't as bad as the man trying to sell me AAA maintenance service while I was clearly trying to work. That will be a different story for a better time.

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