Thursday, September 1, 2011

Candy Machines

Every time I see those candy dispensing machines at places, generally small restaurants or large stores like Wal-Mart, all I can imagine is how long that candy has been sitting there. Most of the time it's not even candy that appeals to me so I don't take a lot of notice. At the store there were around three of these machines in the eating area. There were Mike and Ike, Reeses Pieces, and Skittles if I remember correctly. One night a coworker had a craving for some candy and. . .
Ironically right next door there was a grocery store that carried such things. She realized that after I pointed it out and we started laughing like we had mental issues from sniffing too much glue(or propane in this place). The most amazing part is that even though we suspected the candy would be stale, it actually wasn't! Either the person who owned those machines replaced the candy very recently or it's really dry inside of those dispensers.

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  1. Funny, me and my sis' were discussing such things on our last trip to the Walmart of a distant city just yesterday.