Thursday, September 8, 2011

Waka Flocka - OOPS

One of the things Frank liked to call aggravating customers was "Waka Flockas." I'm not entirely sure why he called them that other than the rapper's name is funny sounding. There's probably many underlying reasons, but I never bothered to ask. So, the first night I actually heard this term from Frank was...
His response right after saying "Waka Flocka" was actually saying the name of the store, but the customer knew what she had heard and was kinda angry. It was somewhat funny that she was going to order something afterward yet changed her mind after a few moments. Frank and I were laughing so much afterward because he was not expecting it to be a customer. He told me that he had said "Pep Boys" before just to be funny, but the last time he did that it happened to be the store's owner so he refrained doing that.

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