Thursday, October 6, 2011


This comic is pretty self explanatory.
I didn't witness most of his antics for the most part, yet he was loud enough that I was able to hear his ranting and raving through the thick bathroom door at the other end of the store. How his logic could be that crippled to the point where he didn't realize a locked bathroom door meant somebody was in there is beyond my comprehension. I've never been high so maybe there's something I'm missing to understanding his awkward behaviour. Soon after he left we called the other store and asked if they had taken an order for a pizza. Turns out that they didn't. So yeah, he was just being an idiot trying to get free food out of the place. I wonder if other restaurants in that area had the same type of people coming in pulling these sort of antics. I somehow doubt it considering how special this place is.

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