Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Pizza

If you go to order a pizza from a restaurant you're going to tell the place exactly what kind of toppings you want on the delicious circle, and after you're finished stating your favorite delights to be put on it the person taking the order will generally repeat the order back to you to make sure everything is correct. This is normal, right? So why do some people do things like this?
I was standing right there, listened to his order, watched as she repeated the order and asked him if that was exactly what he wanted, and he agreed to all of it saying that's exactly how he wanted it to be. So why on earth did he come back and then expect there to be pepperoni on it? He might as well have gone and bought a supreme topping frozen pizza. I'm going to give him the benefit of a doubt and say he probably thought he said he wanted pepperoni on it. This was a Sunday and this guy evidently had just gotten out of church(I didn't draw him how he looked since that suit was kinda wild), so he was probably hungry and not thinking perfectly straight -- it happens. In the end we made him another one with the pepperoni and everything else he wanted just to make up for the mistake, if we can call it that.

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