Tuesday, October 25, 2011


There was this one guy who worked at the sub shop who was likeable enough, but he was a bit obnoxious. In a business like this his attitude was actually something that was desireable -- high energy, to the point of probably needing some meds, very socialable, to the point where he didn't quiet down, and very personable, which are all very good traits for dealing with the general public. My only issue I had with him is that he came across as a dolt. I could be wrong, but that's the vibe he let off when I had to work with him. Other than that he did his job as well as the rest of us, aside from not cleaning(Why was it only myself, Frank, and the girls who cleaned I will never understand). One of the girls I worked with on a regular basis though told me about how she hated working at the register with him around. This is why.
Like I said, his attitude was very good for the job, but in this case it was a bit invasive for whoever else was working at the register. I guess you just became the mute who wrote down the orders while he was busy talking.

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