Saturday, July 23, 2011


With most jobs I've worked there has been the occasional flirt or two. That's fine, it's nice knowing that I'm appealing to some people and that they found me to be charming. What annoys me more than a regular flirt though is a flirtatious individual who uses their so called charm in an attempt to acquire higher services or swag.
Am I going to pay for it? I really thought she had to be joking. With how much I was being paid to work here it would have taken about two hours of work to pay for her detestably flavored sandwiches. And if you're able to even afford to acquire a grill to supposedly beautify yourself as you consume your nutrionally void victuals, then you should be quite wealthy enough to pay for the lovely, soggy sandwiches. Needless to say, her attempt at alluring me with her teeth that would make a pirate jealous was ineffective on myself. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go brush my teeth.

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