Friday, July 22, 2011

The Kitchen

One of the more aggravating things I had to deal with at this job was that at the main store I worked at(Which is ironically NOT the store I applied for) we had to do any form of food preparation on this table that was barely a meter wide. Of course the owner thought it was a great thing because then the customers could watch us make their food, sorta like how Subway is set up. That is a great concept, exlcuding the fact that Subway has an entire walkway to do all their preparation. With this place there was barely enough space for one person to take orders and another person to prepare food.
From what I was told, the main, larger table that had a larger fridge and also held all the bread above it had been broken for a long time. Why hadn't it been fixed? Probably because the owner of this store never actually worked at this place and didn't even like it.

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