Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What a Mess

Have you ever been able to look at a person, just LOOK at a person, and tell how their personality would be and that you more than likely wouldn't enjoy trying to get along with them? I've run into quite a few people I knew would rub me the wrong way just by looking at them. At this job there was this one employee who eminated negativity and had an absolutely horrible attitude. His appearance made me think he could be related to the mayor in the movie O Brother Where Art Thou. You know, a foul mouthed southerner who smokes too much. The most annoying thing about him though. . .
was that he was lazy. Even though this job was horrible, made me sick, and ultimately led to me not working there ever again, I worked hard. Most of us worked hard, except for him. I was also told he would steal money, take everyone's tips when they weren't looking, and in general he was a pain to deal with. There is one more memorable annoyance relating to this individual, but that will wait for another comic.

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