Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Comics

After hurricane Irene hit where I live we were out of power for a few days. During daylight I doodled some comics on sketch paper using a marker that was running out of ink.

Comic 1: A few days before the hurricane arrived my dad decided since he had time off that we would repair the garage. So he started tearing all the shingles off, ripping off the tar paper, and then went and ordered all the supplies needed to fix it. When he decided to do this I vividly remember the weather stations mentioning concern about the hurricane hitting our coast. I mean, really, just that fact that they mentioned a hurricane hitting Florida should have been a clue that maybe we should have waited till a better time to fix the garage roof -- the roof we've been mentioning needed to be repaired for almost thirteen years. Anyway, we rushed a good three days putting new boards on the edge that had been rotting, rolled out new tar paper, and put new shingles on it. It was kinda scary being up there considering it would bend under my weight.

Comic 2: Once the power officially cut out our neighbor pulled his generator out. It was about ten minutes after everything went dark that it started to get noisy. The next day was even noisier because everyone who had a generator was using theirs. You could have sworn a dirt bike rally was going on.

Comic 3: During the storm our neighbor's large oak tree uprooted and fell down, luckily not hitting anybody's house. We all rushed outside to see the damage(yes, it was raining like crazy. No, we didn't care.) I started jumping around in the huge puddle that formed on the driveway because I'm easily amused like that.

Comic 4: While it was too warm in my room, there wasn't very much light, and I was sweating to death, the only thing I felt like doing was eating and exercising. We had a lot of stuff in the fridge that none of us wanted to go to waste, so I ate a lot of it. Especially the yogurt.

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