Saturday, August 6, 2011


Some foods bother me, such as turkey, duck, artichokes, and certain additives put in processed foods(like preservatives). One of the perks of working at a restaurant is that we were allowed to make ourselves half a sandwich for every shift we worked. The big problem though. . .
is that most of it made me sick. It was a progressive sickness. The more times I had sandwiches from the there the sicker I began to feel. At one point I thought it was perhaps one sandwich, the philly steak to be exact, since after reading the ingredients in the meat slabs I concluded it was barely edible. So I changed what sandwich I ate and I didn't feel quite as sick, yet eating there kept increasing my nasal woes. After a while I decided to take one of the sandwiches home and let my family look at it, smell it, taste it. We concluded it smelled a lot like rancid oil, that the breadwas gross, and that it was probably best that I stopped eating the food. Since I couldn't eat the food there, aside from fries, I had to bring my own lunch/dinner with me instead, which almost defeated the purpose of being there since we weren't paid enough.

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