Friday, August 19, 2011


Doing the same monotonous tasks over and over again, every day you work, for hours on end will begin to wear on your after a while(Unless, of course, you have severe OCD issues and work in a factory creating the berrings that go inside ballpoint pens, or something of that nature). This is why some of us find things to liven the atmosphere so as to prevent the impending doom known as mental insanity. I probably already have some of that already, but working at this place I feel increased the level of it, for a while there, at least. Anyhow. . .
At the register, especially when Frank was manning it, the receipt slips would keep printing out, and since most customers didn't want them, Frank would let them constantly print out until this long strip of paper would be hanging off the front of the register. One day I looked at it and, considering I like Street Fighter, noticed it had an uncanny resemblance to Ryu's headband. An idea sparked, causing me to snap it off, tie it around my forehead, and thus becoming a total geek. I yelled to Frank so he would look over at me to see what was up. I started yelling "HADOUKEN!" and "SHORYUKEN!" while doing the moves(I wouldn't attempt TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU in that kinda small space)to which Frank repeated his typical phrase, "Awww jeeeeez", while laughing quite amused.

You have to make things enjoyable sometimes, I suppose. The owner probably wouldn't have found it funny, but what did he find funny? Not much.

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