Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jobs Are For Working, Why Are You Taking a Break?

With any job I've had the first thing on my mind when I get there is to immediately get to work, help whoever else is there, clean the shop, and whatever other duties are required of me. What I can't stand are people who come in and try not to work at all. What I can't stand even more is people who do this and don't get reprimanded for their behaviour. You may remember when I spoke about a certain lazy person before who was like this.
Frank said Weasel was bad about doing this, yet it wasn't his place to say anything about it. Supposedly they were going to fire the guy, but when the owner fired every other person working for him before they ended up understaffed meaning they had to keep him. Ironically while I was working there two other employees ended up being fired, including a manager, and the sad part is that those individuals actually worked. So sack two better employees and keep one really bad one. Ah, lovely logic at work, I must say.

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