Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ms. Pacman

Ever since I was around three years old I've loved videogames. Most guys like videogames, I guess. So whenever I see an arcade machine, I want to play it, even if it's a really simple game without any mission other than to increase your score. While working at the restaurant they had three arcade machines inside. The first one was a golfing game that nobody ever played(Who wants to play that? Unless of course it's Neo Turf Masters.), the game next to that was Operation Wolf, which wasn't calibrated correctly so it played horribly. And the last game; the money maker; the gender confused sensation of the 80's; Ms. Pacman!
That wasn't my actual score, but it's close
I'm not amazing at Ms. Pacman, not compared to people who are really into it, but compared to anyone who played the machine at the restaurant I was a mad man. Sometimes I wondered how the joystick on the machine even functioned, to be honest. All these older men and women would come in and treat the joystick as if they were having an arm wrestling match, bashing it left and right as hard as they could to make Ms. Pacman move. Those joysticks function on microswitches. The harder you press doesn't mean the faster she'll move. Most people who came in were really awful at Ms. Pacman and it's not really that shocking that it was so easy to beat their high scores every day.

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